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We are a brand new 317 private server dedicated to flawless gameplay. We encourage competitiveness in all fields, including PvP, PvM, and Skilling. We also encourage team efforts, with custom clan chats, teamed bossing experiences, and other events. We are an MMORPG built by players for players. Why don't you find out for yourself?... Click Play Now!

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News Updated #1 03/15/2020

Hi! And welcome to Vengeance RSPS Current news: Vengeance PS is a brand new 317. We are doing constant updates to make sure our players enjoy our content! Why not come join us? Click on Play Now! Remember to join the forums to get involved with the community and to keep up with our frequent updates. To keep the server alive and running remember to donate! This benefits us massively as we are a brand new server to spend on advertisements and more server development. Remember to also vote to get us out there! Come join us now! We have only just finalised our server and we're only just releasing it. Come and be with us from the start, to make your mark on what will no doubt be an excellent game. Support us and help us grow! Any bugs/glitches/issues you face, please let Alex know via the forums.